Breast Augmentation in Tampa, FL

Pedro M. Soler, M.D. offers breast augmentation surgery to women in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and others throughout the the area.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement or “boob job”, refers to the procedure whereby the size of the breasts are increased or the volume of the breasts are restored after weight loss or pregnancy. These changes are produced through the use of breast implants and in some cases by a transfer of fat. In the right patient, breast augmentation will increase the fullness and projection of the breasts. This will help to enhance the patient’s self-image and self-confidence while also improving the balance of the patient’s figure.

Breast Augmentation in Tampa, FL

A breast augmentation alone will not correct significant ptotic breasts. If your breasts are sagging and you desire fuller breasts that are lifted, then you may require a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation. This decision is made by you and your plastic surgeon after an in-person evaluation and a discussion of your goals.

Who is a good candidate for breast augmentation?

This is a very personal decision and the procedure should be for yourself and no one else. Good candidates are healthy individuals with realistic expectations. Candidates have fully developed breasts which they feel are too small. They can also be dissatisfied with how their breasts have lost their shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss, or just simply from the aging process.

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Things to consider in your decision for breast enlargement

Breast enlargement is a long term solution in obtaining your ideal figure. You will look better in your clothing and swimwear, while having a more youthful figure. However, patients need to be aware that implants will need to be monitored and at some point will need to be replaced. As with all cosmetic procedures, normal surgical risks are involved with breast augmentation.

How the implants will be inserted and positioned will be dependent on multiple factors. There are two placement options available for the implant pocket. The first option is beneath the breast tissue, on top of the pectoralis major muscle. The second is beneath the pectoralis major muscle. Placement beneath the muscle may interfere less with your future mammograms. This is important to discuss with your plastic surgeon.

The incision placement for breast augmentation is determined by a discussion between the patient and the plastic surgeon. Available options include:

  • Inframammary – Located at the crease just below the breast.
  • Transaxillary – Located in the armpit, where the arm meets the chest wall.
  • Periareolar – Created around the areola. It extends from the 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock position, not fully circumferential unless a mastopexy (breast lift) is also being performed.
  • Transumbilical – Placed in the navel. It is rarely used by a few board certified plastic surgeons.

While your implants are intended to last a lifetime, it may become necessary to exchange them at some point. It is important to have periodic exams by your plastic surgeon to monitor your implants. After significant research and data collection, silicone gel-filled implants have been shown to be safe. No link has been found between the implants and connective tissue disease, breast cancer or any reproductive problems. Please refer to the FDA breast implant website or Mentor website for more information.

Breast Augmentation in Tampa, FLTo learn more about the Mentor brand implants, please visit their breast implant website.

Are breast implants covered by insurance?

This is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance. Any specific suitability and risk of the procedure for you must be discussed at the time of consultation. Even though all surgical procedures carry a slight degree of risk, no major complications are foreseen in a breast augmentation surgery. Any minor complications that may arise do not hamper the end result of your surgery.

About breast implant removal

If you’d like to explore breast implant removal, Dr. Pedro Soler can review your options with you during your consultation. Women may choose to have their breast implants removed for cosmetic reasons or because of complications during the breast augmentation procedure.

Discreet cosmetic surgery travel

If you plan on traveling to Tampa from more than 50 miles away, we recommend you plan to stay for a few days. The chart below shows how long Dr. Soler recommends you stay based on your procedure. This chart is for both car and air travelers. At your consultation, Dr. Soler can give you a better idea of exactly how many days you would need to plan for post-operative recovery. If you need additional planning assistance, please contact our helpful office or visit our travel page.
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