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Skin Care Products in Tampa, FL

Dr. Pedro Soler and his professional team use professional best skin care products to refresh and revitalize his patients’ skin. Dr. Soler is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in private practice in Tampa, Florida and serves patients in all of Southwest FL, including Clearwater and St. Petersburg. Dr. Soler believes every patient coming into his practice deserves his personal attention. Dr. Soler is committed to each patient’s needs and for that reason, he personally performs every medical spa procedure himself and chooses every product used within his practice.

What are medical grade skin care products?

Skin care and skin care products are used to gain and maintain healthy skin. Over-the-counter skin care are often not powerful enough to truly restore your skin or deliver the type of rejuvenating results you desire. Our skin care products are known for results-driven effectiveness. Dr. Pedro Soler offers Jan Marini skin care products. He uses personalized skincare routines as a follow up to surgical and non-surgical procedures, such as facelifts and laser skin resurfacing. Dr. Soler also offers skincare tips before and after your procedure, specifically tailored for you based on your age, your goals and results, and your unique healing process.

What are Jan Marini® skin care products?

Jan Marini® skin care products are professional, science-backed skin care products. Founded in 1994, this award-winning skin care line offers simple solutions to skin care. The Jan Marini® products are potent and penetrating yet gentle and effective for all skin types. This advanced skin care system combines concentrated retinol, resurfacing agents, lightening technologies, and antioxidants to help limit the look of dark spots, skin pigmentation, dull or blotchy skin, fine lines, wrinkles and adult acne. There are numerous product options for all skin concerns, skin types, skin conditions and skin goals.


What are the cost of skin care products?

These products range in price and are available to you at Dr. Soler’s private practice in Tampa, FL. Feel free to ask about our products during your consultation. Dr. Soler can recommend the products best suited to you and your skin concerns or goals.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our skin care products. We have flexible hours and offer customized and holistic treatment plans designed to meet your needs. We are conveniently located in Tampa and serve patients throughout Southwest FL, including Clearwater and St. Petersburg. Dr. Soler and his staff are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired cosmetic results.